What Are the Main Steps in a Digital Transformation Strategy?

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Does your business have a digital transformation strategy in place? Do you need a plan to integrate your latest technology across all departments? With ERP system integration software from Pioneer B1, you can roll out new systems and upgrades smoothly and seamlessly. Our experts will help make your digital transformation a smooth and successful transition.

3 Key Phases to a Digital Transformation Strategy

Phase 1: Assess Current Needs and Identify Opportunities for Growth

Upgrading your digital operating system is a perfect opportunity to reevaluate your current processes. Start by gathering input from your team so you can roll out the best digital solutions. What problems do they need to solve? What improvements would make their workday more productive? Involving your staff in your digital strategy makes them part of the transformation and helps them adapt to changes more easily.

Phase 2: Find the Right Tech for Your Business

Now that you’ve gathered your data, it’s time to select the technology that best fits your company’s culture, goals, and budget. Finding the best digital tools for your business isn’t always easy. Every company has unique needs, and what works great for one business might not work at all for another. With SAP Business One, you get customizable software that you can adapt as your business evolves.

Phase 3: Develop a Detailed Implementation Plan

A successful digital transformation requires clear goals and a well-planned implementation strategy. Now that you’ve selected your technology, you need to try it out. First, run controlled pilot tests in one or two departments. Next, gather feedback from your end users to ensure the new software is fulfilling its purpose. After making adaptations and configuring the software to meet your specific needs, roll out the new technology to every department simultaneously.

Digital Transformation with Pioneer B1

In the age of COVID-19, small businesses have been going through a lot of transformations. Many are implementing new technology like invoice automation, contactless checkout, online ordering and other technologies to make their supply chain more efficient. Digital transformation always brings new challenges. How do you keep track of your inventory, maintain accurate reporting, and ensure regulatory compliance during digital transitions?

System integration software from Pioneer B1 will keep all your departments and systems connected. Make SAP Business One part of your digital transformation strategy! SAP Business One is the #1 ERP system for small to midsize companies worldwide. Our experts will help you maintain your ERP system and teach you how to manage your projects to drive profitable growth.

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Do you have questions about SAP Business One and how it can help you run your business better? The experts at Pioneer B1 are committed to your success—we’ll make sure that your software supports your digital transformation strategy and gives you a competitive edge. Request your free, personalized demo today! Call (602) 888-2100 or send a message to info@pioneerb1.com to learn more.


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