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SAP Business One 10.0: Key Features & Recent Updates

Join us as we dive back into SAP Business One 10.0 and shine some light on more key features. Almost exactly a year ago we walked you through 10.0 as it was introduced We have covered SAP Business One 10.0 in the past when it first came out and if you would like to see that video as well just follow this link Web Client & 10.0 Updates. There have been many updates since then and Pioneers Kaitlyn and Beth will be walking you through them. 

This is the Web Client Interface, the main home page of the Web Client. Logging in is similar to how you would log into SAP.

You are still able to navigate through the main interface using the side menu.

You may also navigate using the new “cockpit” style of navigation.

Users are able to view their Data in charts of their choice

Users are able to save the charts as a tile and access them on the home screen.

Users are also able to save as a specific view. Save as the current view or save as a new view.

Enterprise Search allows you to enter any keyword, item number, sales order number, name, etc. and searches your database for that information.

Users are able to Filter through their database to narrow down their Enterprise Search Criteria.

The relationship map shows you the journey of your document. 

Draft documents are accessible from the web client and users have the ability to update draft documents.

Notifications are available. At this time the approval process is not fully supported by the Web Client. Portions are, the originator is able to generate a document and add it to the system.

You are still able to see a notification that the document has been created.

10.0 has introduced the option to restrict a change of address to avoid accidental updates and maintain consistency across reporting and transactions

Users are able to hide address lines

10.0 allows you to drill right into the item master data instead of into the BOM (Bill of Materials)

Users are able to Activate or Inactivate Shipping Types. Deleting them is not allowed for Auditability.

Users are able to Activate or Inactivate Quantity Types. This helps to eliminate human error.

Previously users would have to go to a specific sale to view a sales report. 10.0 allows users to go directly into the item master data by right-clicking and going to the last prices option. From there, you can view the last price report

In the Bill of Materials Management window, you can make changes to your Bill of Materials. In 10.0 you are able to mass delete BOM (Bill of Materials) for each product.


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