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Clients Agree! Pioneer is a Top Ranked SAP Partner!

The results are out! Following top ranking in both 2015 and 2017 SAP Surveys, Pioneer has once again been recognized as a Top Ranked SAP Partner now with a 100% Client Renewal rate! During the 2020 year end SAP Indirect Customer Loyalty Survey (ICLS), Pioneer clients unanimously ranked Pioneer highly across the board! With a 100% score for both the Partner Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the SAP NPS, clients agree, Pioneer B1 and SAP Business One work for them!
The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is used as the key measure to assess how well we are jointly doing. It specifically indicates the strength of customers’ loyalty by classifying respondents as Promoters, Passives, or Detractors and to determine if they are receiving the expected value and experience from partner/SAP solutions and services.
With clients rating everything from value, to ease, to innovativeness, to support services and professionalism, Pioneer scored 10s all across the board.

"Since we started with Pioneer, we exceeded our expectations for SAP B1"

Industrial Equipment Supplier
Our clients’ success is our success, so we are thrilled to hear that what we’re doing for our clients works! Being apart of our clients’ businesses and helping them grow brings us great pride. We are so very thankful to those who participated in this annual survey and for their honest and encouraging responses! Thank you for making us into one of SAP’s Top Ranked SAP Partners!

"Pioneer is excellent! Everyone in their departments work tirelessly to make sure they deliver the best service to their customers."

Restaurant Dinnerware & Supplies Distributor
Upon learning about these amazing results Pioneer B1 CEO & President, Oren Tabib, had this to say: “Passion for our Clients’ success is one of our main Values here at Pioneer. We love receiving feedback from our Clients on how we have helped them grow, and how best to improve our services to them to keep that growth going.” Thank you for trusting us and for supporting us as we work to support you! We look forward to continued success for our clients in this new year and beyond. 

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