Tip of the Week: How to Sum Columns in a Form

Sum Columns in a Form SAP Business One
Sum columns in a form SAP Business One: Have you ever created a query in SAP Business One and there is no total at the bottom?  Do you think exporting to Excel is the only way to sum columns?  This Tip of the Week will save you time by quickly summing columns with a press of a button and a click. Query Generator Query Generator is a tool inside SAP Business One that allows you to create queries using the SQL query engine. The Query Generator is a great tool and enables you to:
  • Create queries to access your data quickly.
  • Access all your data in the database.
  • Create individual report forms.
Query Generator Results After you completed your query, click Execute.  The query will run and the Query Preview Screen appears.  In the following example, the query is displaying all of the sales orders with document total. To sum the Document Total Column:
  • Put your mouse pointer over the Document Total Header (or the column you want to sum)
  • Press the CTRL key and left mouse button at the same time on the Column Header.
  • The total appears at the bottom of the column.

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David BrownSeptember 27, 2014 at 9:45 pmReply

Or whack the query into a B1Up (Business One Usability Package from Boyum IT) universal function of type query where you can create totals that appear automatically plus other funky stuff when you run the report.


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