How Strong is Your Password?

Strong Password
With access to private files and online access to a major concern, the strength of your password could be critical. Some websites will actually tell you how strong your password is as you are entering it for the first time. It will encourage you to create a strong password that is not easy to replicate. If you are looking to create a really strong password, try these simple tips:
  • Make your password a phrase that you will remember
  • Substitute a symbol for a letter: @ instead of A; # instead of N; $ instead of S
  • Substitute a number for a letter like zero for an O or 3 for E
  • Make the first letter lower case and a later letter upper case
  • Whenever possible make your password at least 8 characters long, longer is better
  • Be careful to store all your passwords in a secure place
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Author: Carolyn J. Brown,  CEO, and Founder of The Accountants Office, LLC, Carolyn J Brown - cropped shrunk 11.10a virtual accounting office that has been serving clients nationwide since 2001.

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