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SMB Innovation Summit 2018 – Orlando, Florida

Last month we attended the SMB Innovation Summit in Orlando, Florida. The event of the year that energizes the SAP Partner Ecosystem and empowers partners to better achieve small to midsize business growth and success for their clients. Partners learn about the cutting-edge product and technology innovations that SAP is known for, gain keen insights into industry-specific factors affecting small to midsized markets, and understand the tools needed to successfully utilize the power of on-premise and cloud enterprise resource planning solutions. Furthermore, the SMB Innovation Summit is a valuable opportunity for us to meet with our partners and cultivate relationships to better implement our services and enhance what we have to offer our clients. After days of panels, talks, and networking we gained a number of insights we found particularly valuable condensed a few of the key highlights we wanted to share below.

SAP Business One 9.3 is Here

Last month (April 2018) SAP announced the general availability of SAP Business One 9.3 on both MS SQL and SAP HANA databases. A few of the talks focused on this point highlighting the features gained from adopting the new version. For example, SAP Business One 9.3 comes with a multitude of enhancements on both existing modules, such as approval procedure and project management and updates including new modules, like Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and production routing. Get ready to make the upgrade from 9.2 to 9.3 and discover all of the new ways to grow your business. More information on SAP Business One 9.3 features can be found in the highlights presentation and in our SAP Business One 9.3 Youtube Playlist.

New Customer Support Feature

Another innovation showcased at the conference was the new SAP Customer Support session recording feature. Customers will now have the ability to record sessions and send their recordings to SAP Support. This will allow support consultants to have access to real-time information about the issues occurring on your software making it easier to duplicate problems, troubleshoot, and ultimately resolve your issue. Furthermore, this feature will make it so that information is easily shareable with your SAP Business One Partner eliminating the need to schedule WebEx meetings. Session recordings will not only make diagnosing certain issues easier and more efficient but with these new features will also streamline the troubleshooting process as a whole. Ensuring you spend less time fixing problems and more time growing your business.

SAP Business One New Web Client

Also introduced at the SMB Innovation Summit, was SAP Business One’s new web client. It was showcased at the conference during the talk with Andreas Wolfinger, Vice President SAP Business One, where he displayed screenshots of the fully web-browser based client. The presentation highlighted the entirely redesigned user interface, focusing on the updated dashboard design that promotes visibility and seamless user-intuitive navigation. While there is limited information available publicly about the new look at the moment, stay tuned with us on social media and the blog for the latest updates and previews of what is to come.

Digital Transformation

Of all the technologies, innovations, and insights featured at the Innovation Summit, one central theme influenced them all: Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation refers to the large-scale industry shifts toward investing in, implementing, and utilizing new technologies such as Machine Learning, Big Data, and the Internet of Things to help your business grow. Many of these technologies are just starting to realize their potentials, and new uses for these technologies are being discovered every day and in every industry. The idea of “business as usual” is about to change dramatically, with every utilization of new technology with SAP Business One integration, the future is beginning to move more and more toward the below scenario. Imagine, a customer walks into your store and is seen by a smart camera with facial recognition. The camera recognizes the customer and pulls up CRM data for him seeing that he likes Cabernet Sauvignon. This information is then communicated to your stockroom in real-time, checking the available inventory, and alerting you that you have Cabernet Sauvignon in stock. Your customer walks up to the counter and you present him the bottle you’ve just pulled from the stockroom, which he purchases, and the transaction is added to your accounting records while your inventory is updated with the change. Your customer leaves the store as your phone buzzes. SAP Business One alerts you that your inventory is getting low, you need to order more Cabernet Sauvignon. facialrec_gif

In the photo (L to R): Oren Tabib (Pioneer B1 President), Luis Murguia (SAP SVP: SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign), and Dorit Futerman (Pioneer B1 VP Implementations and Operations).

Final Thoughts

We are enormously grateful for every opportunity we get to interact with our partners and to improve knowledge of SAP Business One. The SMB Innovation Summit this year was a resounding success bringing with it an array of new information as well as leaving a lot of anticipation in its wake for what is next to come for SAP Business One innovations. With the Summit at an end, we hope to look toward the future. Check out the official recap video for SAP SMB Innovation Summit AMERICA 2018 from VISION GLOBAL COMUNICACION on Vimeo.

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