Why should you invest in SAP HANA now?

SAP Powered HANA
Pioneer B1 has decided to offer its clients SAP’s latest innovative technology – HANA. “These days we are working on building our HANA cloud environment. This will enable us to offer the latest technology to our clients without having them to invest in expensive hardware. It aligns with our core mission to bring great and advanced technology and make it available to the SMB market.” said Oren Tabib, Pioneer B1’s CEO. SAP HANA is an in-memory database and application platform that can operate 10-1000 times faster than a regular database. This technology allows simplification of design and operations, as well as real-time business applications.  As a result, it helps businesses reduce IT complexity by removing the need for separate and multiple Application Servers, Operational Data Stores and complex BI Tool implementations. SAP HANA was developed and perfected for the last 30 years. During that time, the technology has been improved and reached zero response time that helped simplify business applications. In addition, SAP HANA is the foundation for a complete renewal of SAP’s products. So why invest in it? SAP HANA can provide significant improvements in query performance, low latency between operational and analytical data stores, reduced administrative overhead, and provide both better TCO and price/performance ratios as compared to traditional data warehouses perspective. SAP HANA is currently the best solution in the market for high-value data. It keeps data mostly in-memory, but when Big Data is at a low value, HANA is very well suited as the store for high-value aggregated information and applications. In addition, SAP HANA can take care of the requirements that would be served by many layers in other application platforms, including transactional databases, reporting databases, integration layers, search, predictive and web. All of this is served up working out the box, with a single installation. So, if you’re planning on continuing to use SAP Business One, chances are that you will adopt SAP HANA.  This means that the question for SAP customers is more “should I begin my adoption of SAP HANA now, or should I wait?”  And the answer is quite simple: you should begin your adoption of HANA if there is a good business case for this adoption in your organization. To learn more about SAP HANA click here!

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