SAP Business One Version 9.3 Highlights

What’s new with SAP Business One Version 9.3?

This comprehensive guide has everything you need to know about the latest update of SAP Business One. This page gives you access to informational videos, brochures, and online communities so you can learn everything there is to know about SAP Business One Version 9.3.

SAP released SAP Business One Version 9.3 for general availability earlier this year. Once the new version was made available, partners and clients started to move over to the new system right away. Many SAP Business One clients have already made the switch, so we wanted to provide them with the tools and information they need to take full advantage of the new features in SAP Business One Version 9.3.  If you are using 9.3, are in the process of upgrading, or just want to know more about the key features in SAP Business One to see if it’s the right system for you read on.

Version Highlights & Webinar

The latest version of SAP Business One comes with additional and upgraded features in almost every area of the software. Adding new features, expanding functionality, and improving many areas of the SAP B1 software that will have a direct impact on users’ experience and efficiency/bottom lines for companies using the software.

  • Administration
  • Sales / Purchasing / Service
  • Production
  • Inventory / Distribution
  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Data Privacy and Protection (GDPR)

A robust upgrade like Version 9.3 is exciting with its many changes and additions. To break down some of the key changes in the latest version, Pioneer B1 hosted an informational webinar for clients that is now On Demand for a general audience. In the webinar, two of our experts dive into the details of the upgrade and go over a few of the new features that they believe will bring users the most added value out of their SAP Business One experience. Topics discussed include an overview of financial, production, and user management, as well as data protection (GDPR) updates. Also covered are deep dives into key feature upgrades in Version 9.3 including: 

  • Return Material Agreements / Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Approval Procedures
  • Email Alerts

Watch our webinar on SAP Business One Version 9.3 On Demand here or on Youtube.

SAP Business One Version 9.3 Resources

Looking for more information? Below are a few links carefully selected by our experts that should give you everything you need to know about SAP Business One’s latest update. Feel free to browse our resources or check out our knowledgebase. If you have any questions about SAP Business One Version 9.3 or want to know how you can run your business better with SAP B1, reach out to us by phone 855-202-5087 or email

SAP Business One 9.3 Highlights Brochure

Webinar Presentation PDF

SAP Business One LinkedIn Tips and Tricks Group

SAP Business One 9.3 Playlist on YouTube

What’s New in SAP Business One 9.3 Brochure 


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