SAP Business One Sales Tax Automation Options


Sales Tax Automation Options in SAP Business One

Tax is an important part of all aspects of both business and life. But unfortunately, not all taxes are made equal. Understanding the differences in Sales Tax based on commodity and even location can be a difficult thing to maintain. Luckily, there are several different options in SAP Business One for automating sales tax that can make your life easier!

Pioneer B1 joined up with tax experts at Avalara to over all the different tax options available to you in this handy Training Webinar OnDemand HERE.

Don’t feel like watching the video? Read on below to see some of the training highlights!

Sales Tax Automation in SAP B1 Agenda

In this training session, our experts cover various different features of SAP Business One and it’s optional add-on; Avalara. Below you’ll find the overview of the Agenda covered in the training:

  • Sales Tax Code Setup
  • Out of the Box Tax Determination
  • Tax as a Service (TaaS)
  • Tax Jurisdiction Report
  • Avalara Spotlight
  • COVID Effects
  • Documentation
  • Q&A

Sales Tax Code Setup in SAP

Starting of the training is basic Tax Code Setup in SAP.

There are a few places you need to confirm that your tax setup is being done correctly.

The first place you’ll need to check is under the Addresses tab in the Business Partner Master Data screen.

You can check to make sure the tax code for that Business Partner is properly set.

The second place you’ll need to check is also in the Business Partner Master Data screen, but is under AccountingTax

Here you can choose if a BP is Tax Liable or Tax Exempt.

The other area important for tax setup is in the Item Master Data screen.

On that screen you will see a simple check box showing whether or not that item is Tax Liable or Tax Exempt.

Tax Code Determination

Another Out of the Box Tax feature that SAP has is “Tax Code Determination”. This feature can be found under AdministrationsetupFinancials > TaxTax Code Determination.

The Tax Code Determination can be as simple, or as robust as you need it to be for your business!

*Note: If you accidentally include 2 of the same rules in the setup, SAP will automatically follow the first listed rule

Tax as a Service (TaaS)

Tax as a Service, or TaaS, comes out of the box in SAP, and provides the same functionality to calculate your sales and purchase tax, but it does it in an automated way.

SAP reaches out to the tax hub and return the appropriate tax automatically.

You can access TaaS by going to AdministrationSystem InitializationCompany DetailsAccounting Data

*Please note the TaaS only works on domestic Tax, and requires an active internet connection to function.

Sales Tax Jurisdiction Report

If you want to get a quick birds eye view of specific Tax States or Areas, you can run a Tax Report. This will pull the tax information on the areas of your choosing, and show you how they relate to books, and etc.

Avalara Add-On for SAP Business One

Jump to the AvaTax Demo at 0:34:45

AvaTax by Avalara is an End-to-End sales tax automation add-on for SAP Business One. Entirely in the cloud, their Sales Tax Suite is able to completely integrate with SAP B1 and offers reliable tax calculations, detailed reporting, regular rate and rule updates, and an accuracy guarantee!

To learn more about the AvaTax add-on, please reach out to

Compliance Changes in times of COVID-19

Due to the global affect of COVID-19, several Tax relief measures have been made on both the Federal and State level. As the situation is constantly changing, please feel free to take advantage of the resources below to stay up-to-date on tax compliance changes!


Thank you again our co-presenters from Avalara!

Resources for Sales Tax Automation Options in SAP Business One

Looking for more information? Below are a few links carefully selected by our experts that should give you everything you need to know about tax automation options in SAP Business One. Feel free to browse our resources or check out our knowledgebase. If you have any questions about Avalara, SAP Business One or want to know how you can run your business better with SAP B1, reach out to us by phone 855-202-5087 or email

We go above and beyond. It’s time to maximize your SAP experience. Let’s talk!


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