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How Can You Use Data to Grow Your Business?

Whether you’re a controller, inventory manager, or CEO, you’re going to need a clear view of the state of your business to make smart decisions. With SAP Business One, prepare and run standard reports on your business’ data with ease using the many reporting options available within this state-of-the-art ERP software.

Now you can see the whole picture with a holistic view of your business or drill down with the fully customizable options for how you view data in every report. Empower yourself and your team to make more informed decisions with powerful reporting tools that come standard in SAP Business One.

To learn more about the reporting features that come standard or “out of the box” in SAP Business One, we asked two of our experts to go over the best tools available and tips for getting the most out of your data. The topics discussed are included below. Check out the full webinar On Demand now!

Watch our webinar on Out of the Box Reports in SAP Business One On-Demand here or on Youtube.

Standard Reports in SAP Business One

Depending on your position in the company, you may need to conduct an inventory audit, compare budgets from different years, or run a report for something else entirely. Whatever the case may be, we want to make sure you know every tool at your disposal in SAP Business One so you don’t end up using spreadsheets for all of your reporting (yikes). To help users like you take advantage of these powerful reporting features, we’ve put together a simple reference guide to the most common reports in SAP Business One.

  • Financial
    • General Ledger
    • Budget
    • Comparison Reports
    • Cash Flow Options
  • Business Partners
    • Customer Receivables Aging
    • Activities Overview
    • Opportunities Pipeline
  • Inventory
    • Inventory Audit
    • Inventory Valuation
    • Inventory Posting
    • Inventory Counting
  • Sales
    • Sales Analysis
    • Purchase Analysis
    • Open Items List
  • Additional Reporting Options
    • Drag & Relate
    • Excel Connections
    • Crystal Reports

Financial Reports

General Ledger

Financials > Financial Reports > Accounting > General Ledger

A dream for accountants and controllers, the general ledger report allows you to check and display the movement of accounts in a specified period. This report has the ability to save different criteria to customize what you want to see in the report (AR invoices, Credit Memos, etc.) and filters out everything else.

general ledge reports sap business one


Financials > Financial Reports > Budget Reports

To quickly set up a budget in SAP B1 (if you don’t want to go through and allocate your budget to all of your different accounts) you can just take your prior year actuals and create a budget based on those (ex. Growth 10%). In SAP Business One, you also have the ability to import budgets from excel through DTWs and define budgets based on previous years.

Once you have a budget set up in SAP B1, you will be able to run a variety of budget reports and filter the data to variables such as monthly/quarterly periods or different accounts. The two most common of these reports are the basic Budget Report, which gives you a customizable view of your budget, and the Profit and Loss Statement, which allows you to compare profit/loss against your budget.

profits loss budget reports sap business one

Comparison Reports

Financials > Financial Reports > Comparison

There are multiple comparisons reports you can run including Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and a Profit and Loss Statement.

These can allow you, for example, to compare two years and filter the view based on division/region, percentage difference, etc.

comparison reports sap business one

Cash Flow Options

Financials > Financial Reports > Financial > Cash Flow

Cash Flow Report

This tool allows you to define your framework in multiple ways and filter by different accounts, time frames, and more. It also allows you to estimate cash flows based on expenses that have not yet been reported on.

Statement of Cash Flow

You can produce a statement of cash flow (frequently requested by investors) showing all of the line items, categories, etc. for a specified period of time.

HANA Cash Flow Forecast

HANA Cash Flow Forecast gives you a graphical view of cash flow that you can customize based on certain criteria.

cash flow reports sap business one

Business Partner Reports

Customer Receivables Aging

Business Partners > Business Partner Reports > Aging > Customer Receivables Aging

This report gives you a picture of the financial health of your customers and can help you evaluate their credit quality. A key feature of this report is the ability to batch send aging reports to your customers.

customer receivables aging reports sap business one

Activities Overview

Business Partners > Business Partner Reports > Activities Overview

SAP Business One allows you to record anything that happens in the business: conversations, emails with customers, sales orders, and more as “activities.” All of those activities get funneled into one report which can be used for things like reporting the expenses for sales employees. You can also filter your activities by type and subject to give you information on returns, complaints, or compliments your customers give you.

activities overview reports sap business one

Opportunities Pipeline

Opportunities > Opportunities Reports > Opportunities Pipeline  

This is a very powerful reporting tool for sales managers. See a real-time view of the business’ current sales pipeline at a company-level view and see where all of your opportunities are. Or sit down with an individual employee and drill down to where their opportunities and leads are with completely customizable stages.

opportunities pipeline reports sap business one

Inventory Reports

Inventory Audit

Inventory > Inventory Reports > Inventory Audit

This report provides an audit trail for the posted inventory transactions as they move through the chart of accounts. The report explains the value changes in different inventory accounts.

Transaction types out of scope for this report:

  • Non-inventory items
  • Drop-ship warehouse
  • Service type documents
  • Manual journal entries to inventory accounts

Inventory Valuation

Inventory > Inventory Reports > Inventory Valuation Simulation Report

This is used for running a simulation to explore “what if” scenarios regarding your inventory. For example, you can see what effects doing something like changing your costing method would have. Maybe you have a first in first out costing method, but you want to check your inventory based on moving average, SAP Business One lets you do this through the Inventory Valuation Report.

This report also updates the last evaluated price and allows you to see the changes in the log of the item master data. You can access it through the change log table (ADOC).

inventory valuation reports sap business one

Inventory Posting

This report gives you everything you could need to know about inventory movement from an item perspective, DP perspective, location, warehouse, you name it.

inventory posting list sap business one

Sales Reports

Sales Analysis

Sales A/R > Sales Reports > Sales Analysis

The Sales Analysis report can give you information on sales from every angle. It lets you compare using different variables, and drill down to a specific sales employee or account.

sales analysis reports sap business one

Purchase Analysis

Purchasing A/P > Purchasing Reports > Purchasing Analysis

Three Groupings:

  • Vendors
  • Items
  • Sales Employees 

This report gives you the same level of analysis as the Sales Analysis report but from the purchasing side.

purchase analysis reports sap business one

Open Items List

open list items sap business oneTrack the status of your sales and purchasing documents with this report. Find the customers that still need to pay for their orders and the vendors that have not provided the items you ordered. For production orders, you can filter by “released” or “planned” orders. You are also able to cancel/close multiple documents at once via Data menu > cancel or close. 

Quick Tip: by default the Open Items List Report will not load over 500 items. To view more than 500 items simply press CTRL+TAB+END which will load all documents and enable filter and sort options.

Additional Reporting Options

Drag & Relate

From the Business Partner window, you can drag and drop the BP into the relevant area (ex. Sales Order) and it will run the specified report on that BP.

additional reporting sap business one

Excel Connections

SAP business one allows you to connect your excel directly to your SQL server and update the information in real-time.

connect excel reports sap business one

Crystal Reports

Crystal reports are available for all customers SQL or HANA to generate visuals on reports.

crystal reports HANA sap business one

SAP Business One Out of the Box, Standard Reports Resources

Looking for more information? Below are a few links carefully selected by our experts that you can use to start using SAP Business One’s reporting features to get valuable insights on your company’s data. Feel free to browse our resources or check out our knowledgebase. If you have any questions reporting and analytics in SAP Business One, reach out to us by phone 855-202-5087 or email

We go above and beyond. It’s time to maximize your SAP experience. Let’s talk!



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