SAP Business One Mobile Apps


SAP Business One Mobile Applications

In this digital age of having hi-tech computers at our fingertips, having mobile applications are a must. SAP Business One is no different. But even with these Mobile Applications available if you don’t know how to utilize them to their fullest, you could be missing out.

This is where Pioneers Sarah and Oren come in! Going through the different Business One Mobile Applications, they help provide you, the SAP Business One user, with knowledge on the functionality of these Apps.

Read on below to get a quick overview of the training, or watch the training OnDemand here:

SAP Business One Mobile Apps Training Agenda

Starting off, Sarah and Oren go over the Agenda of what this training session will entail:

  • Business & Mobility
  • Business One Mobility Options: Sales, Service, General Apps
  • Installation Overview
  • Sales and Service Applications
  • Main App. Functionality:
    • Preferences
    • Home Screen – only iOS
    • Go through modules
  • Reporting + Dashboards
  • Customizations options (and limitations)
  • Demo Availability & Pricing
  • Documentation available
  • Q&A

Business and Mobility: Business One Mobility Options

The most important thing to know, is what sort of Mobility Application options are available to you? You have:

B1 Sales Application

B1 Service Application

Business One Application

Installation of SAP Business One Mobile Apps

Generally when installing the Mobile apps, you need to keep 3 specific things in mind:

Integration Framework

Licenses and Certification

Customizations (VPN, Authorizations, etc.)

Business One Mobile Application

Once your apps are installed, now it’s time setup the App so that it most efficient for you.


Preferences allow you to set your home page defaults and select which UDFs you would like to see.

Home Screen

The Business One Home Screen provides a to-do list as well as pre-defined KPIs



Transactions: Quotes, Orders, and Deliveries

Master Data: Business Partners (BP), Items, and Price Lists


Reporting and Dashboards


Demo Availability & Pricing

  • Basic – 8 Hrs. deployment
  • To consider:
    • Training
    • Authorizations
    • Custom documentation
    • VPN/ 3rd party Certificate
  • Licensing
    • SAP Business One App
      • Free with existing SAP license
      • New users will need Limited or Pro License
    • Service and Sales Apps
      • On Prem. – $536 + maintenance
      • On Demand – $18-$22/user/month
      • Price per app

We go above and beyond. It’s time to maximize your SAP experience. Let’s talk!


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