Administrative Tips, Tricks, and Tools in SAP Business One

Administrative Tips Tricks and Tools in SAP Business One

Administrative Tips, Tricks, and Tools in SAP Business One

Join Pioneer’s Beth and Ben as they showcase SAP Business One capabilities that all administrators and super users should have in their toolbox. They will be covering user setup, user groups, authorizations, licensing, user interface configuration, administrative utilities and settings, helpful tips, and more. If you are the internal ‘go-to’ at your company for all things SAP Business One, this session is for you!
2 - Print Preferences
In our Print Preferences users are able to automate processes for when a document is added or when a document is awaiting approval.
4 - Tool Tip Preview
Tool Tip Preview is a convenient feature that may be enabled on a company wide level. There is a series of different fields that may be displayed in the preview
5 - Reference Field Links
Reference field links are a way to automate different information coming from documents to be added to Journal Entries. This can be helpful for reporting.
5 - Journal Entry
The information from the reference links is stored in multiple inputs in the Journal Entry.
7 - User license administration
In the User License Administration UI you are able to view licenses available for specific employees or under components you are able to see a list of all licenses available to you.
8 - General Auth
When a user is set up they obtain basic licenses which allow for logging in and out of the system. However, there is a plethora of licenses and authorizations available on SAP under General Authorizations. You do have the ability to copy authorizations from one user to another.
8 - Max Discount
Max Discounts on the sales and purchasing side define how much of a discount a user can give on a sales order or a purchasing order.
13 - Fit Column Width
If you open a window and you cannot see everything, you can click view on the top bar and select Fit Column Width. Another option is to use the keyboard shortcut Alt + V + F.
Connected Clients shows you everyone who is connected tot he company and their latest login time. This allows you the opportunity to reach out and let them know you will be working with the database and do not want to erase their work.
Access Log
The Access Log shows you all users in your system and on the basic level it shows the last login, last log off, and password changes.
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