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SAP Business One Support Enhancement and Client Portal Features

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You asked, and Pioneer answered! On April 1st of 2019 Pioneer enhanced our support with a dedicated Support Team! Along with the Support Team, we have also been tirelessly working on improving various other aspects of our support process to benefit you, our clients! Below I will go over the Support Team, as well as some of the key aspects of the support enhancements in SAP Business One that we have been working on!

How Does the Support Team Benefit You?

  • You will get a much faster response time and resolution time and improve your overall service level.
  • It will provide consistency in communication between you and our Pioneer Team.
  • You will get a better, clearer and more visible ticket handling process.
  • You will gain additional contact with people to help with issues and concerns.
  • It will give you better self-service options. We have even enhanced the client portal.

New Email Templates and Auto-Notifications:

We have implemented new email templates that make ticket information more visible and easier to understand.

We’ve added a new notification for ticket completions and ticket updates

We’ve also added a small questionnaire when a ticket closes to see how you felt about the support, and if there are any points we can improve upon!

Enhanced SLA Tracking

To keep our focus on you, we have enhanced our SLA Tracking behind the scenes to make sure that the tickets are being handled in their SLA as fast as possible.

To do this, we have implemented different tools to help enhance our ticket handling.

New Process of Auto-Closing Tickets:

Coming soon, we will be implementing a Ticket Auto-Close Process.

After a ticket is opened, you will receive 3 reminders. After 3 days, after 10 days, and after 17 days. If after the 3rd reminder no action is taken, the ticket will automatically close after 20 days, and you will receive the usual Closing Ticket Notification.

How does this benefit you?

Keeping track of open tickets in the portal will be easier

Outstanding issues will stay on Top and continue to be addressed

If a ticket is/becomes nonrelevant, it will close automatically without any action necessary on your part

Pioneer’s Support Is Constantly Improving

As Always, we are constantly working on and striving to improve upon ways to support you in SAP Business One, and will keep you updated as we implement new and exciting things!

Want to submit a request? Simply send an email to or call us at 855-202-5087.

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