Pioneer B1 Summer Internship


Interning at Pioneer B1

Hi, my name is Jill and I was lucky enough to intern with the Pioneer B1 team for the summer! I am an upcoming college senior at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. I am pursuing majors in Business Economics and Marketing along with a minor in Finance. Being part of the SAP Business One Program offered by Saint Vincent College, I received training to be knowledgeable with the SAP Business One software and SQL. This gave me a solid foundation for when I began my internship. With that, I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to work for Pioneer.

My internship exceeded all of my expectations as I enjoyed every minute working for Pioneer. My daily tasks and the team made my experience so enjoyable. I appreciated my time in Arizona partly because of two reasons: the size of the company and the team (and the sunny weather didn’t hurt).×600.png

The Company (Small but Mighty)

Compared to my other internship opportunities, Pioneer offered something that many other companies couldn’t. Pioneer B1 is a smaller but intimate company that is continually growing. This allowed me to get to know all the other team members and even a few clients on a personal level. It also allowed me to be treated as more than just an intern. I was treated like an ‘SAP Consultant’ rather than an ‘SAP Intern’ With guidance, I was expected to complete tasks that my coworkers would complete. Also, there were many big client projects in the works while I was there and I was able to help with all of them. This exposed me to different aspects of consulting.

It seems as though everyone at the company wears multiple hats, so everyday the tasks change. I was not streamlined into one area of the business such as implementation or support. I was able to help with everything which is another reason why I enjoyed my internship at Pioneer. I gained exposure to all aspects of the SAP Business One world and if I ever wanted to practice anything additional, the team was always willing to share their knowledge with me. By halfway, through my internship, I had already done an on-site visit with one client and a support call by myself with another client. I was able to observe my supervisor/mentor on many calls and on the visit to gain experience regarding consultant-client interaction. The impressive part is that the team at Pioneer B1 has taught me so effectively that I feel prepared to take on these tasks by myself.

The Team

The team at Pioneer was so welcoming and we often had fun, team-bonding activities. As previously mentioned, I felt comfortable approaching all my coworkers to ask for help or to observe them because they were so willing to share their knowledge. They wanted me to enjoy my time with the company. When our office was out of commission (due to water damage), I was even welcome to come work at a few co-workers’ houses and it was always a blast! We had happy hour events, karaoke night, movie night at the CEO’s house, and team dinners along with other activities. I really appreciated the attitudes of everyone at Pioneer, everyone was friendly and genuinely seemed to enjoy their jobs. 

I almost feel like I cheated the system because I got to have such a wonderful internship and first experience at a “real” job. Thank you to everyone at Pioneer B1 and all the partners and clients that helped make my internship amazing!


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PercyMay 22, 2019 at 10:26 amReply

Hola soy programador en SAP B1, hay oportunidad de hacer una pasantía ?

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