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We have longstanding experience implementing SAP Business One, bringing best practices from a large variety of industries. Our experience with SAP Business One enables us to offer great value to our clients.

Pioneer B1 is transforming an ERP project into a predictable and pleasant experience. We have a process and approach that helps our clients evolve to the next level of success, growth, and professionalism.

Our passionate focus on our client’s needs, along with our persistence to get great customer results quickly, provides management with greater control sooner, while minimizing the implementation process.

This helps us deliver projects much faster and save our clients considerable time and money. We believe in simple solutions that align the client’s unique requirements together with SAP best practices.

Pioneer B1 adopts the “Accelerated SAP methodology. It is a proven, repeatable and successful approach to implementing SAP solutions across industries and customer environments. It provides content, tools, and expertise from numerous implementations.

The “SAP Business One Accelerated Implementation Program” has been developed specifically to support the implementation of SAP Business One in small and midsize enterprises.

The implementation is divided into five project phases:

  • Phase 1 – Project preparation: The team prepares and conducts a project kick-off meeting and goes through initial planning and preparation for the SAP Business One implementation.
  • Phase 2 – Business Blueprint: A requirements workshop is conducted with various key stakeholders to define project objectives, scope, and schedule. In addition, the relevant business process scenarios are defined. In order to document the results gathered during the workshops, a Business Blueprint is created.
  • Phase 3 – Project Realization: The purpose of this phase is to implement all business process requirements based on the Business Blueprint. Other key focal areas of this phase are conducting integration tests and drawing up end-user documentation.
  • Phase 4 – Final Preparation: The purpose of this phase is to complete final preparation (including user and administrator training, system management and cutover activities) to finalize go-live readiness. Upon successful completion of this phase, the SAP Business One system is ready to be used as a productive environment.
  • Phase 5 – Go-Live and Support: The purpose of this phase is to move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to a live production operation. The most important elements include setting up production support, monitoring system transactions, and optimizing overall system performance.

Project Timelines & Tasks

Most tasks listed in this methodology require efforts both from Pioneer B1 and the client. While the amount of time allocation and involvement differ from task to task, it can be estimated that about an additional 40% – 50% of the implementation time listed will be required from client resources.

For example, an estimated duration of 10 hours for a task means that the additional effort required by client resources is approximately 4 – 5 hours unless either only Pioneer B1 or client resources are responsible for a task. In most cases, Pioneer B1 will work together or simultaneously with the client.

For more information, please contact us.

Pioneer B1 offers high-end professional services of development and customization around SAP Business One. Our extensive experience with SAP Business One enables us to deliver projects much faster and save you considerable time and money.

We believe in simple solutions that meet your unique requirements with Core SAP Business One, trying to avoid expensive and complex development.

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use software solution that allows small and midsize businesses to streamline and integrate a broad range of operational and managerial tasks.

User-Defined Fields and User Defined Tables – UDF/UDT:

To meet the different needs of small and midsize businesses, SAP Business One includes a wide range of customization and integration features that do not require specialized technical knowledge or programming skills.

You can easily add new fields and tables, create custom lookup lists, define field validation rules, design custom alerts, and set rules for populating the default values of fields – all without writing a single line of code.

Data Transfer Workbench – DTW:

When making the change from your legacy financial accounting system to SAP Business One, you are faced with the challenge of having to keep historic data online for audit and research purposes as well as for ongoing day-to-day business activities.

The data transfer workbench for SAP Business One is a migration tool that enables you to transfer data from your legacy system into SAP Business One.

It transfers master data, such as business partner and item records, as well as transaction data, such as orders, invoices, and balances, since both types of data need to be available in SAP Business One.

How does it work?

Legacy data is exported into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet templates and then imported into SAP Business One. Legacy data migration is a process that is best done collaboratively, the customer with Pioneer B1 experts.

It is not recommended to import past activity that was already closed. Only import your master data, open documents, and opening balances for items and G/L accounts.

Software Development Kit – SDK

SAP Business One includes numerous customization features and configuration options. With the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK), we can tailor the solution to meet your particular needs.

The SDK ensures that enhancements are easy to maintain and do not need to be rewritten for system upgrades.

To read more about the SDK, visit the SAP comunity Network page

For any advice on how to customize your SAP Business One, check out our newly ‘Hit the Expert forum’ or contact us at info@PioneerB1.com

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SAP Business One includes all the integration solutions you need to run your entire business. It provides complete business management functions covering financials, sales, customers, inventory, operations, and reporting.

In addition, organizations running SAP Business One connect to and work with people in other locations, such as branch offices, subsidiaries, and headquarters. They can use the integration solutions for SAP Business One to collaborate with customers, suppliers, and other business partners.

They can also connect SAP Business One to mobile devices, business intelligence (BI) content, and information services through the integration solutions for SAP Business One.

The B1i, Integration Platform for SAP Business One, can maximize the power of your business management operations and help your business run more smoothly.

For example, you can:

  • Provide your customers with a Web portal where they can view open invoices and update contact information;
  • Connect your E-commerce application to your ERP and receive orders and payment directly in real-time;
  • Integrate multiple departments within your company or subsidiaries;
  • Control bad debts and improve cash flow by utilizing the centralized credit-checking system which can be interfaced with it;
  • Integrate specialized solutions with SAP Business One to automate the flow of information between systems and share data in real-time.

We have extensive knowledge in building interfaces for SAP Business One clients. Let the technology take care of the data entry and your team time to focus on expanding the business.

Read more about the SAP Business One Solution. The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.

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