Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Products in SAP Business One

In the Nutraceutical World, quality control, regulatory compliance, visibility, and customer satisfaction are everything! With SAP Business One’s all-in-one capabilities, your business runs smoother than ever before giving you time to focus on developing and expanding your Nutritional Products business!

SAP Business One was built with your small to mid-size business in mind, so it is simple to use, affordable, and scalable. Whether you are in the manufacturing or distribution side of the Nutraceutical World, Pioneer B1 and SAP Business One have the right solution for you!

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Have you ever felt like your Nutraceutical company is struggling with...

Disconnected, unscalable systems to manage different areas of business?

With SAP Business One you have...

A seamlessly integrated system allowing for sustained growth without adding resources


The lack of insight into real-time inventory cost and availability data?

With SAP Business One you have...

Real-time visibility into inventory cost and availability

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The lack of visibility into quality control, production, and testing data?

With SAP Business One you have...

Real-time visibility into quality, production, and testing data

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Growing complexity of regulatory compliance?

With SAP Business One you have...

The ability to remain compliant with FDA regulations

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Weak Customer Service Management?

With SAP Business One you can...

Focus on client satisfaction, effciency, and trasnparency

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The lack of supplier quality management?

With SAP Business One you have...

Embedded supplier management + tracking; Support for in-house and third party manufacturing

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Case Study

Looking to a Successful Future with SAP and Pioneer

See how eye nutrition specialist, MacuHealth, has managed their complex supply chain and international expansion with SAP Business One. Seamless integration with its e-commerce site streamlines order processing, and the modern ERP solution provides the unique insights needed to support expansion into overseas markets.

SAP Business One allows us to manage four years of 25% annual growth without adding resources."


Jim MasciangeloCFO, Macuhealth

SAP Business One Connects Your Nutritional Business

Supply Chain Planning & Supplier Management

Real-time insights and integrated transportation and warehouse management let you create and adjust a supply network plan quickly and flexibly. You can now match supply to demand, streamline allocation processes, order promising, deployment, replenishment, and production planning.

Keep track of your sourcing, contracts, and invoices to collaborate more efficiently with suppliers and manage the procure to pay cycle all in one integrated system. Drive significant sourcing savings with the Business One Solution for distributors.

Reports & Analytics

Real-time insights allow you to better understand, analyze, and respond to your business’ needs. Gain a holistic view of procurement with total visibility into spend, suppliers, and orders to make impactful operations decisions that will take your business to the next level.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Manage inventories across multiple warehouses all in one place with access to real-time inventory data and reports which give you the insight to deliver on promises. Gain full control over your warehouses, improve asset utilization, and fill orders accurately and on time

Integrated CRM

Track sales opportunities, understand customer trends and manage contacts in one place making it easy for you to connect to your clients and improve customer service. Helping you to build lasting customer relationships.

Accounting & Financial

Fully integrated with all facets of your business to take control of your cash flow and transform financial data into actionable insights. Helping you improve your financial position and streamline the accounting process to give you peace of mind.

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With a firm knowledge of the nutritional products industry and the unique demands it brings to an ERP system, Pioneer B1’s Nutritional Products Package of fully integrated features will allow you to take control of your business.

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