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Menu Search SAP Business One
Menu Search SAP Business One: Do you sometimes get lost trying to weed your way through the SAP Business One Menus?  There are so many choices to choose from and it’s hard to remember where a menu item is located if you don’t use it often.  There is a wonderful little treasure in SAP Business One that will make your life much easier.  It is the Search Bar located on the right-hand corner of the screen. SAP Business One lets you search menus, master data, and documents using the search bar below the toolbar. The lookup function provides you with quick access to window-level menus, master data, and marketing documents: Data and document search
  • You can search for the following data and documents using the lookup function:
    • Item master data
    • Business partner master data Documents
  • Menu Search
    • You can locate all the windows listed in the SAP Business One Main Menu by searching the window name.
  • Looking Up Data and Documents
    • To search for data and documents, in the search bar, do one of the following:
      • Choose Search (Search) and then choose Search Data (F2).
      • On your keyboard, press F2.
  • In the search box, enter the relevant information for the data you want to find.
    • The following explains what information you need to enter in order to find a particular kind of data or document:
      • Looking Up Business Partners (Enter all or partial values):
        • Code
        • Name
        • Foreign Name
        • Tel 1
        • Email
        • Remarks
      • Looking Up Business Partners (Enter all or partial values):
        • Item Number
        • Description
      • Looking up Documents
        • Enter the full or partial value of the No. field in the document.
  • Currently, the following document types are supported in the search function:
    • Purchase Order
    • Sales Quotation
    • Sales Order
    • Sales and Purchase Document Drafts Report
    • Delivery
    • Goods Issue
    • Goods Receipt
    • Goods Receipt PO
    • Return
    • Incoming Payments
    • Outgoing Payments
    • Goods Return
    • Correction Invoice
    • Inventory Transfer
    • A/P Invoice & A/P Reserve Invoice
    • A/R Invoice & A/R Reserve Invoice
    • A/R Credit Memo
    • A/P Credit Memo
    • A/P Down Payment Request & A/P Down Payment Invoice
    • A/R Down Payment Request & A/R Down Payment Invoice
  • After you specify the correct information, launch the search using either of the following two ways:
    • On the keyboard, press Enter.
    • Choose the Search button located to the right of the search box.
    • The system displays results in the Lookup Results window in three groups:
      • Items
      • Business partners
      • Documents
    • To view results from only one group, choose Show All Results for this Group.
    • To return to the original Lookup Results window, choose Go Back to All Results.
    • From the results, select the data or document you want to locate.
Looking Up Menus
  • To locate a window listed in the Main Menu, in the search bar, do one of the following:
    • Choose Search (Search) and then choose Search Menus (F3).
    • On your keyboard, press F3.
  • Enter the name of the window you want to locate.
  • The system filters the window names as you type and displays the results in a floating window.
  • From the result list, choose the window you are looking for.are looking for.

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