Managing Agreements in SAP Business One

Managing Agreements SAP Business One

Join Pioneer’s Jo and Ben as they showcase the various ways SAP Business One is able to manage a company’s agreements. During the live demo, they will review Return Material Agreements, Customer and Vendor Blanket Agreements, Service Agreements, and other relevant tools and reports. As always, they’ll be offering tips and tricks along the way!

Purchase Agreement
The purchase agreement is an agreement between the purchasing organization and their vendors.
Recurring Transaction Purchase Agreement
The recurring transaction Purchase Agreement allows users to negotiate agreements that are for long periods of time.

Under the BP tab in General Settings users will see “Allow multiple Blanket Agreements for Same Period” and “Enable Updating Unit Price/Planned Quantity/Planned Amount in Blanket Agreement with Linked Documents”.

Recurring Transactions are for both Sales and Purchasing, they are very easy to set up with both A/P and A/R Documents.

Return Materials Authorization

If Returns need to be picked up, create a new service request. Under the related documents tab users are able to start the Returns Process

Service Call

The Service Call allows users to manage the service call, create return request, and keep an eye on inventory all from SAP.

The Open Items List allows users to view the open returns request or open goods return request.

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