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Manage Business 2017
Manage Business 2017: Your sales reps don’t have mobile access to customer data. Your warehouse tracks inventory on a different system than production. The workarounds for your current software are getting more cumbersome. You want to launch into e-commerce but your system doesn’t support it. You know something must be done. But what? And how? That’s why Pioneer exists. We help small and mid-sized businesses organize internal processes and communication with the help of SAP Business One, the best ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution in the world. Many companies – especially in the manufacturing industry – hit a wall as they grow. It’s usually due to limitations and constraints with their legacy business management system. Their company is growing, but their system simply can’t keep up. Good News: SAP B1 Solves Your Problem SAP Business One (SAP B1) covers everything for your business, not just accounting. It’s an all-in-one, scalable system with integrated applications including a CRM for sales, an HR module, production and warehouse components, purchasing, reporting and analytics, and more. Instead of running different systems throughout your company, SAP B1 streamlines key processes and puts everything right at your fingertips. Everything you do in your business is tracked so you have accurate information in real-time, at all times, wherever you are. Why Choose Pioneer? We at Pioneer know the platform better than anybody. We go through every facet of your business to determine what aspects of the software are needed and how they should be configured, and we tailor SAP B1 to your operations so you can run your business your way. We customize SAP B1 and pull in your existing data so the system is up and running the moment we hand over the keys. Plus, we provide training before the launch and offer ongoing support afterward so all your staff knows how to use the system. Pioneer understands that you have expectations and a budget, and most of all, you need to be able to trust those you’re working with. We don’t oversell you or undersell you. We give you exactly what you need. Our knowledge and experience make for a hassle-free conversion, and we vow to provide exceptional, proactive customer service throughout implementation and thereafter. At Pioneer, we customize SAP B1 for companies in a wide range of industries with 2 to 250 users. We’ve doubled in size over the past year and are expanding in the Midwest market in 2017 to help reach more companies that need to find a better way. Let’s design an SAP B1 plan tailored to help you keep growing this year, too!

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