Is QuickBooks failing to keep up with the growth of your business?

Growing Businesses
Written By David Uzubell
Growing Businesses. Is your company growing by leaps and bounds? Are you using QuickBooks as your accounting software? If you said yes to both questions, it’s time to re-evaluate your business and its processes to determine if QuickBooks is the right software solution. Running your company with a true ERP solution will enable you to run your business more effectively and efficiently—adding to your bottom line. There is no doubt that QuickBooks is a great entry-level accounting software package for startups and small businesses. It has a great price point and many useful features, which are necessary to run your business effectively. It is the number one software worldwide for small businesses that have twenty or fewer employees and revenues under $2 million. However, QuickBooks is like riding a bike with training wheels. In fact, QuickBooks is the training wheels. It helps build a solid foundation with your accounting, accounts payable and receivable, but it is all too easy to outgrow. When you are ready to cast off the training wheels of QuickBooks and upgrade to a bigger bike like SAP Business One, you’ll know where to look next. Below are some of the telltale signs that your company has outgrown QuickBooks:
  • The performance has slowed since the number of transactions has exponentially increased.
  • It cannot create custom reports needed to run your business.
  • You require a more robust inventory system.
  • You run multiple software packages not integrated with QuickBooks.
  • The company is expanding with multiple locations.
SAP Business One is a true ERP that runs on a Microsoft SQL Database, which can handle very large databases, companies with 5 to 500 employees, and revenues up to $500 million. SAP Business One has robust modules that include: financial management, human resources, purchasing, warehouse management, production management, and CRM. You need solutions to the growing pains of your burgeoning business and SAP Business One provides them. It runs on Microsoft SQL, which allows you to integrate with any third-party software. It provides increased performance and easy import and export data. SAP Business One comes with Crystal Reports, a report designer that allows you to create virtually any report your business needs for analysis. The business benefits of SAP Business One include:
  • Spending more time growing your business using newly streamlined operations instead of reacting to details of day-to-day tasks.
  • Responding quickly to customer needs by instantly accessing the information necessary to make confident business decisions.
  • Eliminating redundant data entry and errors with a single, integrated system that improves process efficiency, minimizes costs and delays and strengthens your bottom line.
  • Forming closer customer relationships via centralized information, which makes it easier to manage customer communication and sales contracts.
  • Lowering your costs by using a system that can be implemented quickly and is uncomplicated to maintain, which minimizes end-user training.

See how you can grow your business with a new ERP system!


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