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Welcome to our newest blog series ‘Get To Know Our Pioneer B1 Team! For the next few months, we invite you for an in-depth look into the lucky lives of our valuable team members, and why they play such a pivotal role in our company culture, that is Pioneer B1! The first lucky contestant that we have chosen, goes by the name of Caryl Miller. Caryl is the epitome of what a foundation should be for any company. Intelligence, witty, charismatic and a great sense of humor.
Caryl took time from her busy schedule in dragon slaying, to provide us answers to our questions, in our fun-filled new segment, ‘Get To Know Our Pioneer B1 Team!

  • How long have you worked for Pioneer B1?
    Since Feb 15, 2016
  • What is your position?
    Official Title: CFO/SAP Project Manager Unofficial Title: Emoticon Master
  • What is your favorite thing about working for Pioneer B1?
    Every day is different (some days this is also the thing I like least about working for PB1)
  • What does a normal day look like for you? Three tasks/responsibilities?
    My day falls under two silos: maintaining client relationships & responding to emails; Provide solutions to client challenges; make sure my favorite customers are taken care of (you know who you are…). When I wear my CFO hat, my day is all about accounting tasks, making sure PB1 is profitable, and improving internal processes.
  • How have you seen SAP B1 impact or make a difference for businesses?
    It is very edifying when we can help clients do more with the same staff levels & help them achieve their corporate goals.
  • What are you looking forward to in 2017 (business/professionally?)
    On a personal level, I have challenged myself to learn more Crystal Report tailoring. Professionally, I would like to get all our clients on the current version of SAP so they can take advantage of the upgrades & User Interface customization.
  • What makes Pioneer stand apart from the rest of their competition?
    Our customers are family!!
  • What’s your Favorite Food/Color?
    Does wine count as a food group? If no, then Barbacoa. Favorite color: aubergine (and yes I did have to Google how to spell it)
  • What would be one song that would describe who you are, or has the most significance to your life & why?
    Don Johnson’s 1986 hit “Heartbeat”. I think the lyrics and music video speak for themselves. AWESOME
  • Dog or Cat and Why?
    Dogs = unbridled affection. Cats = evil dictators.


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