Get To Know Oren Tabib, Pioneer CEO

Get To Know Oren Tabib Pioneer CEO
  • How long has Pioneer been around for? When did you start your Legacy?
    Pioneer has started in February 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona. It was created to provide better services and expertise to small growing distributors and manufacturers, leveraging SAP Business One, the leading management software for small and mid-size companies. Since then we have grown to serve companies all over the country and today we have offices in Arizona, Florida, and Michigan.
  • What is your position/Job Role?
    CEO and Clients Value Manager.
  • What is your favorite thing about working/owning Pioneer B1?
    Our excellent team and our One team approach. Our team is very passionate about helping clients using new technology to support business growth. We have experts in different areas, from accounting and financials through production and integrations. We try to engage the best resource for a specific task to have better efficiency and engage our clients with the best fit to deliver a real business impact.
  • What does a normal day look like for you? Three tasks/responsibilities?
    Reading and replying emails, talk and assist team members and get involved in significant projects that require my expertise with business processes and SAP business one software.
  • How have you seen SAP B1 impact or make a difference for businesses?
    Yes, on a daily basis. SAP Business One is really a tool kit for growing companies. A company can decide when to turn on different functionalities to run better. Aligning processes and deploy features that make an impact on companies is what we experience on a daily basis. Sometimes simple features like alert or a query can make a big impact on the end-user and the client.
  • What are you looking forward to in 2017 (business/professionally?)
    Personally, I’m looking to have our second son that is due at the beginning of February this year. From a professional side, I’m looking forward to finding more ways to serve our clients better. We are planning to do so by implementing new project management and ticketing systems that will enable us to run more efficiently and provide our clients with more visibility to the status of projects, tasks, and billing.
  • What makes Pioneer stand apart from the rest of their competition?
    In 2 areas: 1. We are all very passionate about helping our clients. It is one of our core values and we always carry the best interest of our clients.
    2. Our One team approach – We understand that one consultant is not always an expert in every area and our approach is to engage the best individual/team for a task or a project.
  • What’s your Favorite Food/Color?
    Favorite color is Orange, Favorit food is homemade Fries and Falafel
  • Dog or Cat and Why?
    Dogs. My wife is allergic to Cats…

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