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Elizabeth (Beth) Cameron

Elizabeth (Beth) Cameron is an SAP Business One Solutions Architect here at Pioneer B1! Beth joined team Pioneer in August of 2017 and has shown her willingness to not only go above and beyond for her clients, but for her team as well. When asked what her favorite part about working at Pioneer was, Beth responded,

” Throughout my time here, the leadership at Pioneer has always focused on identifying and nurturing the individual strengths of our team members. This empowers each person to blossom in their own unique ways, and has afforded me the opportunity to work in a variety of different roles (support, implementation, account management, sales, solutioning).”

Beth Hiking

Life Outside of Pioneer

Outside of Pioneer, Beth loves exploring the great outdoors!

“I always used to look at mountains and dream about exploring the mountain ranges that stretched out beyond the ones you see – the mountains behind the mountains.”

Beth recently had the opportunity to backpack through the Beartooth Mountains in Montana and it was her dream come true!

Fun Fact About Beth:

Beth has two beautiful one-eyed cats!

Favorite Show - Peaky Blinders

Beth's Favorite Trip - Guatemala

How have you seen SAP B1 impact businesses?

“I could write a novel about the ways I’ve seen SAP B1 increase efficiency and visibility throughout businesses, but I’ve found that the impact on the people within those businesses is what matters the most to me.”

  • SAP can minimize manual reporting efforts -> “I can spend more time with my family because I don’t have to put in extra hours over the weekend to finish this manual reporting”
  • SAP centralizes company operations and processes -> “Everything my colleagues need is in SAP, which means I can take a stress-free vacation.”
  • SAP can reduce overly manual/redundant work -> “I am spending less time on redundant work, which means I have more time to grow within my position and work on new initiatives.”
  • SAP can help grow your business -> “I can retire with comfort, knowing I’ve built a successful business on a stable and scalable platform”
  • What makes Pioneer unique?

     Our company culture is truly one-of-a-kind! You can put any random combination of Pioneers together on a team and that team will work hard, strive for success, and have a boatload of fun.  Of course this is a helpful dynamic for team building events, but it also allows us to be an agile and successful group when it comes to getting business done.

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