Fixed Assets in SAP Business One


Fixed Assets in SAP Business One Training

Fixed Assets are an aspect of every business. Handling them is something most people don’t even think about. But have you ever thought there might be an easier way? To help manage Fixed Assets easier, SAP Business One offers the Out-Of-The-Box Fixed Assets module!

Below, Pioneers Lauren and Oren review this out-of-the-box module, and all the tips and tricks to help best utilize it!

Read on below to see the highlights of the Training, or watch the training OnDemand Now.


  • Configuration & Setup
  • Fixed Asset Creation & Import
  • Asset Capitalization
  • Depreciation Runs
  • Asset Retirement
  • Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Q&A

Configuration & Setup

First our Pioneers cover the areas below in Configuration & Setup for Fixed Assets. 

  • Enable Fixed Assets
  • FA Account Determination
  • Depreciation Types
  • Depreciation Areas
  • Asset Classes
  • Attribute Groups

Fixed Asset Creation & Import

Next they cover how to manually create a Fixed Asset in SAP, and how to import an already created asset into SAP.

  • Manual creation in
    SAP – after go-live with
  • Import to SAP
    typically used to go-live
    with module

Asset Capitalization

Moving on they cover AP Invoice & Capitalization Documents

Depreciation Run

Then they cover Automatic Depreciation run via SAP.

Asset Retirement

Next is AR Invoice & Asset Retirement Documents.

Fixed Asset Reports

And last, but not least, they cover Fixed Asset Reports:

Fixed Assets in SAP Business One Resources

Looking for more information? Below are a few links carefully selected by our experts that should give you everything you need to know about Fixed Assets in SAP Business One. Feel free to browse our resources or check out our knowledgebase. If you have any questions about SAP Business One or want to know how you can run your business better with SAP B1, reach out to us by phone 855-202-5087 or email

We go above and beyond. It’s time to maximize your SAP experience. Let’s talk!


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