SAP Business One Feature Spotlight: Approval Procedure

SAP Business One includes a user-friendly approval procedure feature that can be extensively customized to cover all your approval scenario needs. Set purchase order limits, alerts, and more from your desktop, mobile app, and anywhere you use SAP Business One. To give you an example of this feature in use: imagine your business wants to implement a process that requires Purchase Orders above $5,000 to obtain approval from your lower-level purchasing manager and then your executive purchasing director before processing the PO.  Business One provides this functionality via approval procedures. Below you’ll find a helpful user guide for how you can set up approval procedures for your company and start to use this feature to grow your business! The process is as follows:
  • The person who enters the document into SAP B1 is known as the “originator” of the document.
  • When the originator adds a document to the system, the system will verify if there are any approval procedures in place with conditions that meet the details of the document.
  • If the document meets the conditions for approval, the originator of the document will receive a pop-up indicating that the document is required to go through an approval process before it can be fully-added to the system.
  • SAP B1 saves the document as a draft.  This allows the document originator to continue working on inputting other documents as they await approval for the original document.
  • Once the original document has been approved, the originator will receive a notification that their document was approved; they are able to finalize the addition of the document at this point.
Approval Procedures can be customized for the following document types: app-pro1

Approval Procedure on Desktop

From within the SAP B1 Client, the approver would click on the alerts/messages overview button; this is where the users will receive alerts for new documents in need of approval. app-pro2 Here, the approver will receive information about the originator of the document, comments from the originator, and a link to view the approval request form.  The approver can click on the yellow arrow to drill down into the approval request form and view further details. At the bottom of this form, the approver can choose to set the status as Approved, Not Approved, or Pending and can also add remarks for the document originator in the remarks section. app-pro3

Approval Procedure on the Mobile App

Aside from approving documents via the SAP Client, the approver has the choice to approve documents through the mobile app in the “Approvals” module. app-pro4 After the user opens the Approvals module, they are presented with a queue of documents needing approval.  The date or document type can be used to filter queue results. app-pro5 Once the approver selects a document to approve, this screen opens to provide additional details about the document.  The approver can view the associated BP Master Data record, Item Master Data record, and much more. app-pro6 After the approver reviews the document details, they will choose to Approve or Reject the document using the buttons at the top of the screen. The vast potential to customize approval procedures coupled with the user-friendly interfaces makes the SAP B1 approval module a valuable asset to any company. questions

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