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Increasing Production Efficiency with SAP Business One

Precision Cable Assemblies (PCA) is a manufacturer of wire harnesses, battery cables, and custom molded cable assemblies for machinery, and transportation vehicles in industries ranging from Construction to Emergency Services. Long time users of SAP Business One, we sat down with Director of Engineering, John Losee to ask him what his experiences with SAP B1 are like now that they’re partnered with Pioneer B1.

What was SAP B1 like before Pioneer B1?

I would say generally speaking SAP B1 is a pretty feature-filled software application for ERP, but it’s definitely not one that is user intuitive as far as making modifications to it. So when we ended up finally working with Pioneer, it really opened the possibilities of what we can do with the software. It really allowed us to tailor the software to our business versus trying to use a product that is just out of the box. Pioneer really helped us automate a lot of the day to day things that weren’t necessarily built into functionality. Whether it be the notifications out of the system to let us know if something isn’t working right, or if we wanted to customize through, for example, the B1 Usability Package, with Pioneer’s help to set it up … people have the right information that they need to do their job. Pioneer helped us to be more efficient from that standpoint where they used the tools that they had available to them to better suit the product to how we run our business.

What is it like working with Pioneer B1?

I would say one of the greatest things that came from working with Pioneer versus other companies that we have worked with in the past, is the level of communication is excellent. Pioneer has been far and above better than the other provider that we have worked with where they’re readily available, the communication is clear, they get on top of any issues that pop up, and ultimately resolve issues and stay in communication with what’s going on on a basis that doesn’t make me want to worry about that the work is being done. We don’t ever have to question that it’s the right solution, because Pioneer is always clear in what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and what the outcome should be. I’m not ever worried about “well are they working on something else, or are they working on our problem?” I always feel like my problem is very important to them, and it’s being resolved in an expedited manner.

How do you feel about Pioneer B1’s expertise?

Far and above anything I’ve gotten from before this. We have the luxury of working with Eran right now, and he is by far one of the best developers/helpdesk individuals I’ve ever had a chance to work with. I don’t think there’s been a situation, or where we’ve thrown something at him that he hasn’t come up with a solution that really met our needs. It feels like we’re working with an extension of our business. You guys are really part of our team, and it’s appreciated. pioneerb1-PCA-testimonial

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