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Knowledge is an important thing. It used to be you had to build up your own knowledge by Education and Experiences. But now, our SAP Business One Knowledge is your knowledge!

Pioneer B1 Clients can access our extensive Knowledgebase through your Pioneer B1 AutoTask Client Portal!

Encompassing years of information to help problem-solve, and trouble-shoot challenges you may face within SAP Business One, we’ve compiled several of our talented Consultants’ Tips & Tricks, How-Tos, and Best Practices all in one easy to access location: Your Client Portal!

Now you can easily search for solutions to your problems or questions right from your Pioneer Portal by a variety of methods including Key-Word Search, and More!

How Does it work?

How do I access this amazing Knowledgebase you wonder?

Simple! Just log into your Pioneer Portal, and right there on the Welcome Screen you’ll see Knowledgebase in the upper-right corner!

From there you can just enter the keywords you’re searching for, and click the

It will then provide you a list of Knowledgebase articles directly related to your keyword search. You’ll find each article is descriptive with screenshots as well! Additionally, you can download and save these articles for future reference, or to share within your organization!

Having trouble Accessing our Knowledgebase?

Never fear! You can reach out to your designated Project Manager, or our VP of Professional Services, Jason, at and we’ll be happy to help!

Other Handy Resources

Aside from our Client Portal Knowledgebase, we also offer several other ways to help expand your usability with SAP Business One. 


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