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CFO’s experience with SAP Business One

CFO experience SAP Business One

CFO Experience SAP Business One: Seacret Spa International is a global manufacturer and distributor of skin care products, made of extracts from the Dead Sea.

As a global organization, we were constantly looking for a way to improve our control over the various aspects of the business. As the company grew and expanded its operations to regions outside the US, it became clear to us that we have to utilize the right information system, that will enable us to use our resources efficiently, maintain our growing customer base, and provide accurate information to the different departments.

SAP Business One has proved itself to be the perfect solution for us. Although the implementation process is challenging and requires the organization’s full commitment, the end result is satisfying beyond expectation.

SAP B1 provides executive management with high-level tools that are necessary to determine the organization’s business strategy. As a CFO, I use the system to analyze historical financial data, create and maintain the annual budget, analyze profitability and perform cost control.

B1 is a user-friendly software, that allows the user to create his own queries and reports, as well as import the needed data to excel or as a crystal report.  The software also enhances my control over the organization’s financials and provides great tools to generate financial reports.
The software contributes substantially to the accuracy and reliability of our financial reporting, whether it will be Balance Sheet, Income Statement A/R aging report, and many more.

I highly recommend SAP B1 to the mid-size business, or to the small fast-growing business, which is looking for a cross-organizational resources planning tool, at a reasonable cost and proven positive ROI.

Itai Larian


Seacret Spa International


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