Cancelling Documents in SAP Business One

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Have you created a marketing document in error or one that has become invalid? Do you delete an invoice in SAP? Did you input the wrong information or duplicate a document on accident? In SAP Business One, there is a helpful feature that allows you to easily cancel any documentbe it an invoice, sales quote, purchase order, or another document.

Two Types of Document Cancellations in SAP Business One

In order to use this feature, you need full authorization for canceling documents.  Please contact your System Administrator to see if you have the necessary authorizations.

1. Do Not Generate New Documents

The first Type of Cancellations are ones that do not generate new documents.  The system will set the status to “canceled.” Relevant documents are listed below:
  • Sales quotation
  • Purchasing quotation
  • Sales order
  • Purchasing order
  • A/R down payment request
  • A/P down payment request
  • Purchase request

2.Generate Cancellation Documents

The second type of cancellations are ones that generate cancellation documents. Relevant Documents are Listed Below:
  • Delivery
  • Goods receipt PO
  • Return
  • Goods return
  • A/R invoice
  • A/P invoice
  • A/R reserve invoice
  • A/P reserve invoice
  • A/R credit memo
  • A/P credit memo
When you cancel one of these documents, the following are the results:
  • A cancellation document is created. The data of the canceled document is copied to the cancellation document and only some data is allowed to be updated.
  • Both canceled and cancellation documents are closed irreversibly.
  • The system reverses the accounting, tax, and inventory changes caused by the canceled document.
  • The system removes the automatic reconciliation between the canceled document and its base documents if any. Consequently, the base documents are reopened with balances due restored and can be drawn further to new target documents.

Procedure for Canceling Documents in SAP Business One

  1.  Find the particular document you want to cancel.
  2. Right-click in the document window and choose Cancel, or choose   Data  Cancel  . A cancellation document will appear with the title – Cancellation.
  3. In the cancellation document window, make the necessary data updates.
  4. Choose Add pushbutton.

sap invoice cancellation process

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