Boyum Dashboarding & Automation

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Boyum Dashboarding & Automation

Join us as we explore Boyum Dashboarding and Automation. Almost exactly a year ago we walked you through 10.0 as it was introduced We have covered SAP Business One 10.0 in the past when it first came out and if you would like to see that video as well just follow this link Web Client & 10.0 Updates. There have been many updates since then and Pioneers Kaitlyn and Beth will be walking you through them. 

Document Printing can be seen under multiple modules in SAP
Choose multiple documents to print at a time, or select none/select all
Print Preferences
Access Print Preferences by clicking System Initialization and going to Print Preferences
Prewritten Text
Add in predefined text that will autofill in the SAP Business One Emailer

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