Biz ONE Recap 2018

One System. One Massive Event.

Biz.ONE is the event of the year for SAP Business One users, partners, and anyone interested in running their business better. The conference takes place over three days and is host to 100s of users, over 30 industries, and over 45 solution providers. There are hands-on demos, customer/user led sessions and success stories, and sneak peeks into the future of SAP Business One.  

Now that the smoke has cleared and the conference badges have been laid to rest, we wanted to take a step back and recap some of the best moments of Biz.ONE 2018 and share some of our key takeaways.

Customer Led Sessions Shed Light on Best Practices

Some of the most impactful parts of the Biz.ONE conference are the sessions put on by our talented SAP Business One users and customers. Pioneer B1 was lucky enough to have a few of our clients share their stories, tips, and tricks with others at the conference. Here are some of the highlights from their talks:

Oh #@$% I Just Made 1000 Invoices & I Need to Cancel Them!

Reed Johnson, Executive Vice President of Operations at Goorin Brothers, not only hosted the stage events and entertained us throughout the event, but he also made a big impact with his take on the power of SAP Queries. Having a DTW or DI-API malfunction can set back your workflow significantly, but through the use of queries and a few low-cost tools, these issues can be resolved almost immediately. Reed took us through the simplicity of setting up safety nets like these and how the quick set up can pay off big time when things don’t go as planned. 

Great things to consider for anyone who regularly uses DTWs in their business, if you want to learn more about queries, SQL, and how you can use them in your business. Check out our two-part SQL training series on Youtube.

Make Your Upgrade Painless: Best Practices from FOH

Karina DaCosta, IT Project Senior Manager at FOH Inc., gave the conference a rundown on the best practices for patch and version upgrading in SAP Business One. 

Preparing for a patch or version upgrade is not trivial in SAP Business One. A diversity of complex add-ons contribute to this process having many different variables and aligning them all for a successful result is where the preparation has a pay-off.

This process starts by selecting the version you would like to implement along with two possible dates.  The appropriate patch level will be selected only after effective communication with all add-on vendors. It is very important to share why you would like to migrate to that version as well as the new features and positive outcomes this project will have. Validate if the add-on version will be in place by the time you would like to upgrade. It is prudent to avoid implementations at the end of the business quarter and the end of the month.

Select the head of departments for the internal team that will shape your round(s) of testing.  Communicate to them the need to prepare a script for the testing that considers all scenarios that encompass their daily work. Prepare a map for everything included in your SAP Implementation; pinpoint priorities by assigning what cannot wait and what could be broken and fixed after the upgrade.

Implementing a patch or version upgrade can cause serious operational outages during the actual implementation but it will also yield great improvements and additions. Preparation and communication are the main components for having a successful implementation. With thoughtful and organized preparation, you can ensure this process will have positive ROI.

If you want to hear more about customer experiences upgrading SAP Business One, check out our Success Stories and Testimonials page and read about Goorin Bros. 9.3 Upgrade Success.

Usability & Administration for Sales & Service

M. Cristina Ramirez, the SAP Administrator at Gaumard Scientific, discussed how SAP Business One functionality improves software usability for sales and service teams. Ramirez uses her company’s own experiences with leveraging a combination of tools including field level authorization, UI configuration template, group authorizations, and automated alerts to customize the user experience and improve operational efficiency. 

If you want to learn more about SAP Business One’s usability solutions visit our Partner Solutions page find the solution that’s right for you!

Exploring SAP Out of the Box Reports

Additionally, Ramirez shared her knowledge on SAP Business One’s incredibly customizable reports that come out-of-the-box. Offering valuable analytics on business performance across all parts of the company, users can leverage these reports to improve decision-making on financials, sales, purchasing, and more.

If you want to learn more about out of the box reports in SAP Business One, we did a webinar on the topic! If that’s not your thing, here is a reference guide on our blog with everything you need to know.

Pioneer B1 Goes the Extra Mile

The three-day conference already has a lot to offer attendees with workshops, networking opportunities, and even a golf tournament. But you can never have too much of a good thing, which is why Pioneer B1 went the extra mile this year to bring exclusive networking opportunities and inside knowledge sessions to our customers.

Exclusive SAP Business One Panel

In an invitation-only panel hosted by SAP and Pioneer B1, guest panelists Andreas Wolfinger, Head of Business One Global Product & Solution Management, and Ari Schapira, Director of SAP Business One Global Product & Solution Management, gave us an in-depth look at SAP Business One. The exclusive panel included an open forum client feedback session allowing panel attendees to offer feedback and get answers to their questions on SAP Business One from the experts.

If you’re a client interested in attending more Pioneer B1 hosted events at next year’s Biz.ONE please contact

Andreas Wolfinger Head of Business One Global Product & Solution Management, SAP A key decision-maker for SAP Business One, Wolfinger offers insider knowledge of the software and how companies are using it to make their businesses run better around the world.

Ari Schapira Director of SAP Business One Global Product & Solution Management, SAP Experienced in product management, enterprise software development, and product life cycle, Schapira offers a look at the big picture & how to successfully combines technology with business. Schapira is also the author of Tip of the Week.

Client Appreciation Dinner and Networking Event 

Pioneer B1 was honored with the opportunity to show our appreciation for our clients with an evening of entertainment and fine dining. We played host to SAP top executives, our channel manager, Laura Honeycutt; Beth Walters; VP of SAP Business One, Finn Backer; and the Global Head of SAP Business One, Luis Murguia. The evening provided SAP Business One users and SAP professionals the chance to make connections and take a break from the excitement of the conference.  At Pioneer B1, we value the success of others and wanted to make this year’s Biz.ONE conference a success for our partners and clients alike. We were humbled to be able to spend the evening with a group of such amazing professionals.

The Future of SAP Business One

While Biz.ONE is important for current users and SAP Business One partners and professionals, the conference is also an important opportunity for students of the SAP Business One program at Saint Vincent College.

The Next Generation of SAP Business One 

Pioneer B1 was given the chance to speak with the talented students from Saint Vincent College and discuss the many opportunities the SAP Business One program offers students both in school and after graduation. One of these opportunities is the SAP Business One Internship program, wherein qualified students from the program join SAP Business One partners from across the U.S. to learn what it’s like to be a consultant with hands-on training.

If you want to learn more about the SAP Business One internship program and what it’s like to be a Pioneer, check out the blog from our 2018 Summer intern about her experience with our company.

SAP Business One Tips & Tricks

By far, the biggest value that Biz.ONE has to offer attendees is the opportunity to learn from fellow users of the SAP Business One software. Tami Beverson, Controller at CommUSA, makes this idea the focus of her session by continuing the tradition started by Pioneer B1 founder and CEO, Oren Tabib, and presenting the best SAP Business One Tips and Tricks of 2018.

The Next Generation of SAP Business One 

The top SAP Business One Tips and Tricks were selected by a collaborative team composed of customers, SAP product management, business partners, and consultants. This presentation (available here) goes over how to take your SAP Business One experience to the next level by utilizing the software’s full potential without the need for optional add-ons and customization.

The community surrounding SAP Business One is a community that fosters learning and collaboration. Just because of Biz.ONE has ended, doesn’t mean that your connection to this community-wide knowledge base ends with it. The best way to stay connected to other users and professionals in the SAP Business One space is by joining our online community. Start today by joining the SAP Business One Tips & Tricks LinkedIn group!

Final Thoughts- See You Next Year!

With Biz.ONE 2018 coming to a close, we look back on what we have learned this year, shared with the wider SAP Business One community, and what is to come for the future of the software and the future of small and midsize businesses.

A Paradigm Shift in Business One Drives You to Become a Digital Enterprise

We’ll end where Biz.ONE began, with a look into the future and the age of the digital economy. Luis Murguia, Global Head of Business One at SAP, gave a talk addressing the inevitable transition taking place as the world moves toward a digital transformation. Large corporations began making the switch years ago and it has become increasingly apparent that those who do not adapt will not prosper in the new digital market economy. 

Small and midsize enterprises are the backbone of any economy and this digital transformation will be crucial to their survival as well. SAP Business One has undergone many changes in its over 20-year history from being just an “accounting system” to an “ERP suite” to the “Digital Core” of the business. This is evolution by design, in order to ensure that users not only survive the digital transformation but thrive in it.  

Position yourself at the forefront of the digital transformation, and transform your business to succeed in our digital economy. Contact Pioneer B1 today, to learn more about what SAP Business One can do to revolutionize your business.

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