When real-life birthing simulators exposed real problem, we delivered

Birthing Simulators Exposed
When real-life birthing simulators exposed the real problem, we delivered The chest rises and falls with each breath. The heart produces signals for an electrocardiograph. The body connects to IVs and other functioning equipment. “Victoria® S2200” even speaks. With the birthing simulator manufactured by Gaumard® Scientific, obstetrical training has never been so realistic. The high-tech mannequin even gives birth. “It’s not your typical CPR dummy,” said Cristina Ramirez, an engineer at the Miami, Fla. firm. Gaumard® Scientific’s real-life medical simulators are in great demand from hospitals, schools, and universities. But the incredible interest exposed a real problem for the company: a growing number of busy sales reps didn’t have access to customer data and had to rely on the main office for information. They needed to be more connected. In fact, Gaumard® realized that its entire operation needed to be more seamless. Not just sales, but the production, purchasing, and accounting, too. “This communication problem was common in almost every department because every department was working with its own set of software and Excel sheets,” Ramirez said. “When the company was smaller, maybe that wasn’t such a big deal. But when it started growing really fast it kind of got out of hand with the amount of information that needed to be handled.” It’s a problem when your business management system no longer can keep up with demand. But it’s a good problem to have because there is a cure. In 2014, Gaumard® launched SAP Business One (SAP B1), the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in the world. It’s an all-in-one, scalable system with integrated applications including a CRM for sales, an HR module, production and warehouse components, purchasing, reporting and analytics, and more. The implementation started with the CRM to connect sales to customer service. Reps in the field can now access customer data and update information, view a history of service calls and build their own price quotes. With Pioneer’s guidance, SAP B1 closed the gap in communication. But even the world’s best ERP needs an expert to make things go smoothly. That’s where we come in. Based on the reputation of Pioneer founder and CEO Oren Tabib, who is known for his SAP B1 “Tips & Tricks” webinars and seminars at ASUG conventions, Gaumard® reached out to us. We’ve worked with Gaumard® to understand the company’s challenges and build a shared vision for solving them. Through ongoing meetings, we’ve sustained progress toward a full SAP B1 implementation. By tapping into our knowledge, Gaumard® is relieving the birth pangs of SAP B1 delivery. Gaumard® plans to roll out SAP B1’s purchasing model this year and by the end of 2018 expects to have the whole company on the system. “The team at Pioneer is exactly what we needed – a company that’s organized and proactive,” said Ramirez, the SAP administrator at Gaumard®. “You can get really overwhelmed with the volume of work, so you need somebody to tell you ‘OK, this is what you’re going to do next.’ They share their understanding and wisdom with us and we roll with it. “With Pioneer, now I can see the finish line.”

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