The Best ERP Software for Nutraceutical Companies

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The nutraceutical industry is growing at an astounding pace. According to a report by Meticulous Research, the global nutraceutical market is projected to be worth $57.5 Billion US by the year 2025. That would mean an expected CAGR of 7.8% from 2019 to 2025. The demand for nutraceutical ingredients, supplements, foods and products is at an all-time high. With an increase in disposable income, people are investing more in their health as well as the health of their pets. Capturing even a tiny sliver of this market has the potential to be profitable. But once you’ve started your business, how do you scale growth and manage resources in a way that allows you to reach your fullest potential? With SAP Business One management software you can do just that! 

The Benefits of ERP Software

When you’re just starting out, you may have chosen one software for its superior accounting capabilities and another for its inventory management. But like most small to midsize companies know, when you start to grow, communication and data sharing between departments can become an absolute nightmare! If you’re considering implementing a comprehensive ERP system, let us tell you why SAP Business One is by far the best option for your nutraceutical or nutritional product company.

Supply Chain Planning & Supplier Management

With integrated transportation and warehouse management you can create and adjust a supply network plan with speed and flexibility. You will have the ability to match supply to demand and streamline allocation processes, order promising, deployment, replenishment, and production planning. In addition, SAP Business One will allow you to keep track of your sourcing, contracts, and invoices to collaborate more efficiently with suppliers and manage the procure-to-pay cycle all in one integrated system.

Quality Control

Formula management and quality control are essential in the nutraceutical industry. Real-time visibility into quality, production, and testing data offer lot control and accurate traceability. SAP Business One allows you to track the entire span of a product’s lifecycle, beginning with formulation and ending with shipment.

Regulatory Compliance

For nutraceutical and nutrition product companies, FDA regulatory compliance is always at top of mind. In order to achieve compliance, you need to be able to track and retrieve relevant documents and information across the manufacturing process. SAP Business One’s flexible tools for processes and reporting guarantee real-time compliance data.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

Access to real-time inventory data and reports enables you to manage inventories across multiple warehouses all in one place, giving you the insight you need to deliver on promises. You’ll gain full control over your warehouses, improve asset utilization, and be able to fill orders accurately and on time.

Integrated CRM

SAP Business One’s integrated CRM makes it easier than ever for you to improve customer service and build lasting customer relationships by efficiently tracking sales opportunities, understanding customer trends, and managing contacts all in one place.

Why Partner with Pioneer B1?

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or e-commerce company, your growing nutraceutical business needs practical solutions to scale and accelerate growth and profitability. With a firm knowledge of the nutritional product industry and the unique demands it brings to an ERP system, Pioneer B1’s Nutritional Products Package of fully-integrated features will allow you to take control of your business. Schedule a Consultation Today!   

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