Banking & Payments with SAP Business One

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Banking & Payments with SAP Business One

Pioneer’s Elizabeth and Oren explore the robust functionality of Banking and Payments with SAP Business One. This video covers incoming and outgoing payments, credit card processing options, reconciliation, automation and batch processing, reporting, and more. 

Users are able to record a payment prior to final invoice using A/R Invoice

Users are able to create an incoming payment directly on a Sales Order

Users that use credit cards on a frequent basis benefit from using Addons such as EBizCharge or B1 iPayment. The two solutions are PCI compliant, they allow users to reduce the double entry, have fewer errors, lower the processing fees, increase the cash flow, and last but not least they allow for a better client experience. Boyum B1 iPayment will work with your current merchant. EBizCharge (owned by Century Business Solutions) is the merchant for their Addon.

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B1 iPayment:



In the reconciliation window users may choose a bank account and a due date. 

Users can view everything in the system that has yet to be reconciled on the left, and on the right users may view everything that has been brought over from their bank account.

Task Scheduler is able to generate files and move them to an FTP environment that banks have access to and can process the file. Launch Application allows you to do what the Task Scheduler does however can be run manually. Boyum B1UP can be used for automation as well.

Alerts and Approvals can be custom built however there are plenty that are built and supported out of the box by SAP.


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