More Than Avoiding a Failed ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation
By David Uzubell You’ve finally hit your stride and your company is growing exponentially. Great work. Now, it’s time to take the training wheels off and implement an Enterprise Resource Planning system, or ERP system, to keep up with the growth of your business. You feel like it is a double-edged sword because you need to upgrade to a new system, but yet have concerns about the implementation going wrong. You’ve heard horror stories of failed implementations. What do you do? The top five reasons why ERP implementations fail include:
  • Not defining clear objectives
  • Poor project management
  • Not properly testing and fine-tuning the system before going live
  • Underestimating implementation time
  • Skimping on technical competence
At Pioneer B1, we have a solid process in place for successful implementations. We use the Accelerated Implementation Program (AIP) and modified it to fit small and midsize companies. The program divides a project into five phases: Project Preparation, Business Blueprint, Project Realization, Final Preparation, and Go-Live and Support. Phase 1: Project Preparation During this phase, your project passes from the Sales Team to the Implementation Team, who develops a specific project plan based on your needs.  Once that project plan is created, a kickoff meeting is scheduled with you, which helps set expectations for the implementation.  After the meeting, we install and configure SAP Business One. Phase 2: Business Blueprint During this phase, our Implementation Team meets with you to review, in detail, current processes and requirements.  Then, we map those processes into SAP Business One.  The Blueprint document is created and sent to you for review.  We then set up a meeting to review the document together and make any necessary changes.  The final Blueprint will be used as the schematic for the implementation.  At this point, we schedule weekly meetings with you to keep each other accountable during the project. Phase 3: Project Realization This is the “meat and potatoes” of the project.  We start the implementation process of SAP Business One based on the Blueprint created in the second phase. However, this is the stage when we create the company and chart of accounts, conduct data conversion, design relevant documents and at the end of this stage conduct full-system testing. Phase 4: Final Preparation This is where we ready the client to go live and start operating with SAP Business One.  The milestones include Complete user and administrator training, final fine-tuning of the SAP Business One system, complete final system tests and complete cut-over activities such as initial balances of customers and vendors, bank accounts and uploading the initial inventory to the system. Phase 5: Go-Live and Support This is when the client goes live and starts using SAP Business One.  We are onsite to provide support, monitor the overall performance of the system, and monitor system transactions. From using this strategic and phased implementation process, Pioneer B1 has an outstanding track record of completing implementations on time and under budget.  It is our passion to see companies succeed and move forward in growing their companies.

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