ASUG 2016 Highlights

ASUG 2016 Highlights
  ASUG SAP Business One Conference As we now look back and reflect on this past ASUG SAP Business One Conference in Miami FL, we must say that it was a very successful event in the history of ASUG. With a total of 475 attendees from 220 companies, 16 countries and 76 industries, we are sure that it would qualify as such! The mission of these ASUG national events is to continuously build our networking infrastructure by meeting, listening and sharing ideas that benefit all of us in one way or another. We work as a community to better our business missions, strategies, goals and to also educate our minds about what the future holds for us. ASUG provides us a platform to really focus on SAP B1, as it introduces new products, the development of products and the continuous effort to assist our clients to gain efficiencies in their business operations. Highlights from this year’s conference were the –>Tips & Tricks session<– & the –>Mastering the DTW session<–. There are many exciting features to take away from the event, that has built a lot of hype as to what lies ahead for us, especially in the advanced technology sense. 


ASUG has generously provided a hub with plenty of additional resources for everyone to get up-to-speed with the most up-to-date information that SAP can provide, including various PDF’s at your disposal. It was an incredible experience at this years ASUG, and we cannot wait until the next one! We also have a few pics taken from Oren at the event, as well as the networking dinner HERE. We urge you, business owners, to partake in the next event if you have yet to experience what SAP, ASUG, and Pioneer B1 has to offer for your business. Cheers!

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