Alerts and Approvals in SAP Business One

training on sap business one alerts and approvals

Alerts and Approvals in SAP Business One Training

Wouldn’t it be great for business workflows if you could get an automated alert to important documents or be able to restrict deals from being made without proper approval? If you use SAP Business One, then you are in luck! SAP offers a series of Alerts and Approvals to can be set to make your life easier.

Read on below to get an overview of our Alerts and Approvals in SAP Business One Training, or watch the recorded Webinar OnDemand now!


Alerts vs. Approvals

Alerts and Approvals tend to go hand-in-hand because they have many similarities, but to help you get a better idea of these 2 features, our Consultants go over the similarities as well as the differences between them.

The similarities are that both alerts and approvals will provide a notification in SAP when a certain action occurs. And both can send these notifications internally, or to an outside party via email.

As for the differences, they can be explained by this quick little comparison:


  • Service needed
  • Provide a notification
  • Does NOT block document from adding
  • Can be triggered to send an email
  • Can be scheduled with a defined frequency


  • No Service Needed
  • Provide a notification
  • Blocks document from adding to system until approved
  • Can be triggered to send an email
  • Can NOT be scheduled

Alerts Overview

To start with Alerts, you will need to do a quick set-up. This is a one-time thing that you can do yourself, or that your SAP Partner can do for you.

The setup can be found by checking your Services > SAP Business One Messaging Service as well as by ensuring your SAP Business One Service Messenger > Job Service Mailer is up and running.

ALERTS Business Cases


If you jump to the time above in the the Training video, you will be able to see our Consultants give in-SAP examples showing step by step how to set up a few different types of useful alerts!

Customizing Alerts Through Queries

ALERTS - Added Functionality by Release

Below we’ve laid out a handy functionality guide based on the different SAP Business version releases:

Approval Process Overview

Moving from alerts to approvals, the training continues with a quick overview of the Approvals process in SAP Business One.

Approval Templates

Approval Stages

Approvals Process Business Cases


Starting from the time above, our consultants cover different Business Cases for Approvals Processes in SAP Business One.

Customizing Approvals through Queries

  • Need to use active form syntax
  • How to test the approval?

Approval Reporting



APPROVALS - Added Functionality by Release

Like with the Alerts Functionality, below we have a quick overview of the functionality by release for Approvals as well:


Our experts here at Pioneer B1 have gathered a few useful link for you to use as a resource for Alerts and Approvals in SAP Business One:

Q&A - Question & Answers for Alerts and Approvals

During the original live training session we had a lot of great questions from our participants! We were able to answer most of them then and there, but some of those questions required more time to prepare an answer!

Our consultants jumped right on it, and now you can find the answer to their questions here:

We go above and beyond. It’s time to maximize your SAP experience. Let’s talk!


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