7 Concerns Businesses Have When Implementing a New ERP System

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Wondering whether implementing a new ERP is right for you? When working with growing businesses, we commonly hear concerns about implementing a new ERP system. Often, they’re unsure how much an ERP would benefit their company. Will the payoff be worth the effort? The experts at Pioneer B1 can answer all of your ERP implementation concerns and provide a smooth, efficient, and stress-free transition.

Seven Common ERP Implementation Concerns

#1: Reluctance to Change

If your current system is working, why make a change? Using inefficient or outdated applications only hurts your business. However, most small businesses are comfortable with their current processes, even when those processes are weak, segregated, or have been built around the limitations of outdated software. Upgrading your business management system will help your business grow, and Pioneer B1 will be there to support you through the transition.

#2: Training Concerns

Many small businesses worry about investing the time and resources it will take to train their staff to operate a new system. With support from Pioneer B1, your staff will become experts in efficiency. Here at Pioneer, we recognize the importance of continuous learning, training, and skill set enhancement. We offer in-depth training throughout the implementation process, free monthly webinars based upon our clients’ requests, and online resources so that your staff can learn all the tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way.

#3: Cost Concerns

Business owners often think that implementing a new ERP system will be too expensive. In reality, it will help you save money. Consolidating your sales, accounting, purchasing, and inventory systems within one system improves efficiency and reduces your operating costs. Our experts will teach you how to manage your projects to drive profitable growth so you can get the most out of your ERP.

#4: Value Concerns

Some business owners simply don’t see the value in an all-in-one system. They don’t understand how ERP software will benefit their company. When you request a free demo from Pioneer B1, we’ll show you how you can profit by implementing a new ERP system. We’ll also show you how connecting all your departments into one seamless, scalable system will give you a competitive edge.

#5: Time Constraints

Other businesses worry that implementing a new ERP might take too long. They’re concerned about falling behind on production or losing profits during the implementation phase. You can stay on schedule and eliminate the risk of delays from system integration failures when you partner with Pioneer B1.

#6: Company Size

Small businesses often think that they aren’t big enough yet to need a comprehensive ERP. However, SAP Business One can be implemented for as little as one user, and will prepare your business for future expansion. Set your business up for success now with business management software that adapts as your company grows. Make your software system works for you—ask us about how SAP Business One can help expand your business.

#7: Setbacks from Covid-19

Many small businesses have suffered setbacks or have had to change their operations due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. If your business has slowed, you may want to take advantage of the opportunity to implement a new ERP so you get started out on the right foot in 2021. SAP Business One integrates your systems and gives you superior control over every aspect of your operations so that your business to adapt and evolve in an ever-changing market.

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Do you have questions about SAP Business One and how it can help you run your business better? The experts at Pioneer B1 are committed to your success—we’ll make sure that your software supports your business and gives you a competitive edge. Request your free, personalized demo today! Call (602) 888-2100 or send a message to info@pioneerb1.com to learn more.


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